Cost of Bed Bug Treatment: Bed Bug Extermination Cost

There are different insects that can invade your home, but the bedbug can easily pass as the most frustrating. This insect lives off the blood of people and animals, typically feeding while its host sleeps.

Adult bedbugs have a light brown or reddish brown color, and their tiny size makes them very difficult to discover. Do you know what is the cost of bed bug treatment? A peculiar thing about this insect is the fact that just one bug may invade a home and within a short period of time begin to reproduce, after which the invasion will expand fast.

They can survive if they don’t feed for several months and this can make bedbugs difficult to wipe out once they invade your home.

The life cycle of bedbugs starts with tiny eggs which later hatch to produce small nymphs, these nymphs molt six times before they become adult bugs. They need to feed so as to be ready for molting; the exoskeletons they shed are one of the telling signs of bedbug presence.

Other signs include– fecal material, dead bedbugs, eggs etc. Being able to make out the signs of bedbug invasion can abbreviate the process and money that will be spent on the process.

Bed Bug Treatment Cost

Bedbug Treatment

Once you notice detect signs of a bedbug invasion, it is apt to take instant action as they breed swiftly and they do so in large numbers. Trying to get rid of bedbugs on your own may have limited effect, the most efficient step to take however is to get in touch with a licensed professional to perform bedbug extermination.

Bedbug removal is a convoluted and time taking process, it can also be costly. Choosing an expert to carry out the extermination, therefore, should be a careful process; make sure you choose and deal with licensed and experienced companies, ensure that it is a company that provides follow-up service.

The very first step in the whole process is an Inspection to confirm the existence of bedbugs and to find out the severity of the problem. The second step would be preparation for the extermination; eradicating bedbugs completely is a complex process, therefore, it may involve moving and rearrangement of furniture, boxing up things etc. The last step is the treatment proper, which will be carried out using a method chosen from one of the different approach suggested by the exterminator. The most popular methods used include; spraying pesticides, fumigating and heat treatment.

Average Bed bug Treatment Cost

Upon preliminary inspection, some extermination methods and the cost implication of each process would be suggested by the exterminating company. The typical costs include; the cost of inspection and cost of treatment, in some cases there may need to also pay for follow up.

    • Cost of Inspection

This is, of course, the very first step in the whole extermination procedure. Although some companies do an on-site inspection for free; a good number of companies charge $50-$200 or more, depending on how big or small the building is and the number of rooms. Apart from carrying out on-site visual inspection, there is an option of using a dog specifically trained to spot bedbugs. Using this option provides a 90%-96% accuracy rate but it is more expensive than the on-site visual inspection. Inspection using dogs in a typical home costs $300-$600; however, in hotels, apartment buildings, nursing homes and bigger facilities, dog inspection can cost $900-$1,500.

    • Cost of Treatment

Cost of treatment is large relative to the method of extermination used. The costs of bug extermination using different methods are as follows:

  • Spray Pesticides

Using spray pesticides against bug infestation is a fairly old method; nevertheless, some companies still offer this method. Spray pesticides treatment usually cost $100-$500 per room.

  • Heat Treatment

This is a more developed method of bug eradication. It is also a very effective method as it involves the use of high-technology equipment that can heat rooms up to a temperature at which bugs and other pests are not able to stay alive. This method can cost any amount from $2000-$4000.

  • Fumigation  Treatment

This method is appropriate for areas with very heavy invasions; it is also a very efficient method, although it requires total abandonment of the area to avert a medical problem. Fumigation treatment typically costs between $4/sq feet to $7.5/sq feet.

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