Best Ant Traps for 2021 | Tried & Tested Products for your Home

If you have noticed an increase in ant activity in and around your home, you may have an ant infestation.

In this article, we will discuss what you will need to remove the ant infestation and review some of the best ant traps for the kitchen, indoor,s and outdoors.

So keep reading to find out more about the best ant traps for 2021, along with detailed features, pros, and cons so that you can make an informed decision and eliminate ants from your home effectively, successfully, and for an extended period.

What Attracts Ants to the House?

Ants are continuously on the lookout for a source of food and water; they are attracted to anything that is damp or contains water.

Ants are also attracted to sugary or sweet-smelling items; other foodstuffs to which they are attracted are bread and pet foods.

Best Ant Traps for Home

Preventative Measures

To prevent ants from searching for foodstuffs in the house, store bread, and other goods in sealed plastic containers.

Remove any standing water in your kitchen area, such as the kettle, and be sure to wipe the inside of the sink after washing to remove any moisture; the same applies to bathrooms and laundry areas.

Store fruits, jams, and other sweet spreads in the refrigerator, and after using any of these items, clean up any spills immediately to prevent the ants from being attracted to the scent.

Leaving pet food on the floor overnight or for extended periods is also a sure-fire way of attracting ants.

Once the ants know there is a continual supply of food and water, they will keep coming back.

What is an Ant Trap?

Ant traps are not traps in the traditional sense; rather, they are best described as feeding stations.

The bait or food contained within contains poison as one of the chief ingredients; the bait is usually a sweet or protein-based mixture that attracts the ants into the station to feed.

The ants will eat some of the bait and transport large quantities of the bait back to the ant colony.

The colony is where the ant trap bait is more effective as the ants in the colony will feed on the bait and die from the ingested poison.

This is a much safer option than commercially available spray cans as it kills the ants at the source, in the ant colony itself.

Can You Use an Ant Trap Indoors and Outdoors?

The short answer is yes; you can use an ant trap indoors and outdoors.  

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Ant traps are designed with entry and exit holes that permit easy access to the poisoned bait contained within; these are usually plastic discs or boxes and are effective wherever they are placed within the home.

Some manufacturers do make specific traps designed exclusively for indoor and outdoor use.

Are There Different Types of Ant Traps?

There are different types of ant traps available on the market; commercially made ant traps come in various sizes and shapes, but the goal is the same.

Outdoor ant traps are usually designed to hang from garden features such as trees or bird feeders; another variant uses a stake for placing on the lawn or flower beds.

What Type of Ant Trap Should I Consider Using?

The ant trap you should use is dependent on the type of infestation you have.

Fire ants are attracted to and prefer a protein-rich foodstuff; common sugar ants, as in the name, are attracted to sugary foodstuffs.

If you are unsure, the product’s packaging should give a clear indication of the ants they are designed to target.

Another consideration to take is if you are going to use the product in the house or outdoors.

Outdoor traps should be waterproof, and the packaging should indicate whether or not it is suitable for outdoor use.

Best Ant Trap in 2021

Best Ant Traps Review

Terro Prefilled Liquid Traps

Terro liquid ant killer was introduced in 1915 and has gained a reputation for being one of the best on the market; the bright orange color distinguishes Terro products’ packaging and makes it quite a name for its users.

The design of the ant trap container has been patented by the manufacturer and is designed in such a way to prevent the bait from drying out.


  • They are convenient and ready to use bait stations with a fast-acting formula.
  • Terro liquid ant killer bait stations kill all the most common household ants.
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, the product will not drip, spill, or make a mess.
  • The product’s patented design eliminates any handling of potentially toxic chemicals and prevents the bait from drying out.


  • Kills a wide variety of ant species.
  • Superior quality and easy to handle
  • Effective and long-lasting results.
  • Fast-acting formula leading to speedy results


  • Container is a little flimsy
  • The bait is sticky, so avoid any spills
  • Difficult to see if spillage has occurred.

Kness Ants-No-More Ant Bait Stations

Knees pest defense has been manufacturing high-quality pest control solutions for more than 90 years.

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Their ant’s no more products have become very popular and made them a household name over the decades.

Knees ants-no-more bait stations are designed for outdoor usage; the product is waterproof and tamper-proof and is easy to use.

The product itself is a small canister on top of a spike that is then pushed into the ground; open the canister’s top and insert the bait.

The container is designed to hold liquid, solid, or granular bait, depending on your needs.


  • Has two bait compartments in the canister for granular and liquid baits.
  • Can use two baits simultaneously.
  • There is an interior sliding bait guard which assists in reducing spillage.
  • Multiple entrances and exit holes increase the ants’ movement; the result of this is the faster elimination of the ant colony.
  • The tamper-resistant lid on the canister prevents accidental opening and, as such, is very child-safe.
  • Ultraviolet-resistant materials keep the bait active for longer periods.


  • A good durable construction
  • Tamper-proof lid
  • Waterproof design
  • Easy to clean and reusable
  • Can use two baits at a time


  • It needs to be refilled often.
  • The bait doesn’t come prefilled.
  • Designed specifically for outdoor use.

Maxforce Ant Stations

Maxforce products fall under the Beyer brand and are effective both indoors and outdoors.

The bait stations are easy to use and handle as the gel is in a small plastic container that sits on a flat surface.

The bait station has an adhesive strip on the container for use on a wall or other vertical surface.


  • The product has effective ant control for up to one year
  • The gel has a non-repellent formula to prevent any secondary colony formations
  • The product is odor-free and does not smell of insecticide
  • The product has a child-resistant design
  • The easy-to-use ant bait stations are designed to inspect each bait station and monitor the number of ants that are feeding.
  • The Maxforce range of products targets a wide variety of ant species.


  • Contains several ready to use bait stations
  • Easy to place wherever needed
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • You can install them on vertical surfaces
  • The product is safe for use near pets or children


  • Comparatively pricier
  • Requires regular monitoring on whether they need to be replaced
best traps for ants

Enforcer EAMBS6

Enforcer products were first introduced in 1977 and had, since then, grown to become a trusted supplier of pest elimination products. Currently, the Enforcer has more than 30 formulas in its range of products.

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Enforcer has a straightforward view design, enabling you to see at a  glance how much bait is remaining inside the container.

The active ingredient contained in the enforcer is abamectin which is both an attractant to ants that prefer sweet foods, and those ant species which choose greasier foodstuffs.

What this means is that the product will be able to effectively treat many different varieties of ant infestation.


  • Enforcer is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • The bait containers are child-resistant
  • Ants will begin eating the bait immediately.
  • It can be used in and around the home, kitchens, bathrooms, countertops, cabinets, sinks, and around plumbing fixtures
  • Clear view for easy bait inspection


  • The bait is in a clear plastic container to eliminate spills
  • The clear view container to monitor the bait
  • Easy to handle and use
  • No need to refill the container once the bait is finished
  • Child-safe design


  • Directions may be confusing
  • May not work on all ant species

Dealing with Ants with Pest Control

The above-mentioned ant traps can surely eliminate these buggers and get the work done for you; however, they may not be 100% effective in the face of a full-fledged infestation.

This is where a professional exterminator comes in the picture! They can not only get rid of the infestation skillfully for you but can also ensure that they do not make their way inside your home again.

In order to help you with this, we have curated a special form for you which will provide you with free quotes from multiple Pest Control Companies so that you can hire an exterminator which is economical and effective.

Fill in the below-mentioned form to know more.

Final Words

No two products are alike and you may need to try one or more solutions to find the one that is best suited to deal with your ant infestation.

In most cases, the products listed above are more than capable of getting rid of any ant colonies which may be threatening your home.

I hope that after reading this article, you have found the best ant trap for kitchen, and for your home.

Also, please remember to always read the instructions carefully when handling any ant traps or similar poisons.

How did you deal with ant infestations in your home? Do let us know in the comments below.

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