Eliminate Fire Ants From Your Home & Yard | Best Fire Ant Killer in 2021

How to get rid of fire ants

Fire ant infestations are a serious problem in many parts of the world.

Not only can they nest in indoor and outdoor locations, but they also pose a threat to both humans and pets in your house.

Fire ants can cause havoc for anyone caring for their garden as the fire ant is attracted to the rich organic soils and the wide variety of foods available in the average garden.

In an effort to control this menace, today we will be looking at some of the best fire ant killers for yards that you can buy on the market.

Interesting Facts about Fire Ants

Fire ants are very aggressive and will sting if provoked.

The fire ants bite leaves tender and itchy white pustules on the skin that can last for several days and can lead to infection if not properly treated.

Fire ants are very protective of their territory and are known to attack anything that intrudes on their nests, be it animals or people.

Fire ant infestations can be devastating as they damage buildings, plants, air conditioning, and electrical wires.

For some reason, fire ants are attracted to electrical currents, and they can cause severe damage by nesting in such places as electrical boxes.

Fire ant workers in a single queen colony are territorial and will only forage food within their own territory.

In contrast, fire ant workers in multi-queen colonies move freely from the mound to mound; this increases the amount of fire ant mounds per acre of land.

Red imported fire ants build their mounds in almost any kind of soil available but prefer to nest in areas such as parks, lawns, pastures, and meadows.

What do Fire Ants Eat?

Imported fire ants are omnivorous, they eat plants and animals in order to satisfy their nutritional needs.

They forage for sugars, fats, and protein, since the ant cannot ingest solid food they prefer to feed n liquids.

Another source of food is oily materials, in the garden, this includes seeds, seed pods, and insects.

Fire Ants in the House

Many factors decide whether the fire ants will enter your home; this could be due to weather conditions or if, after a heavy downpour, the fire ant colony mound has been damaged.

Try to establish where they are coming from and seal off the area if possible.

If you cannot find the source of the ants (the mound), it is advisable to use ant bait indoors; the ant bait is a slow-acting poison that the worker ants will take back to the colony, where the poison will spread within the colony.

The bait poison method can take up to two weeks or so to kill the fire ant queen.

Fire Ants on the Lawn

If you have found a fire ant mound on your lawn, it is time to take action immediately. Treating the mound will show results in a matter of days.

fire ant killer

Here are some of the ways you can treat the fire ant mound;


The insecticide is injected directly into the mound, which can kill the fire ants effectively. however, it may not always reach the queen.

Remember, the queen is the main target.


Pouring a toxic liquid all over the mound kills the fire ants that come in contact with it.

On the downside, it may not penetrate deep enough to target the queen and the other fire ants.

Surface Granules

Poisonous granules or fine powders are applied to the surface of the mound and surrounding areas which effectively gets rid of the fire ants and their mound.

Home Remedies

There are some home remedies, some more extreme than others, but generally, the most common home remedies for killing the fire ant colonies are:

  • Pouring boiling water over the fire ant mound.
  • Although not highly recommended, some people drench the mound with gasoline and then set the mound alight.
  • A third option is combining a mixture of hot soapy water with citric acid then pouring the mixture onto the fire ant mound.

Home remedies can be regarded as a safer way of battling a fire ant colony, but they will never be as effective as a commercially available ant killer.

Best Fire Ant Killers for Yards

Best Fire Ant Killer

We will now look at some of the best fire ants killers on the market.

Many of the products available offer both short term and long term solutions; ultimately, the choice is yours depending on the severity of the fire ant infestation and whether you need to target indoors or outdoors.

Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer

Ortho fire ant killer is a surface treatment whereby you put the granules on and around the fire ant mound.

When treating the mound with Ortho, try not to disturb the mound.

The formula begins to kill the fire ants within a few hours and approximately three days after the queen is killed.

You can spread the granules around the lawn and plants, including flowers shrubs and trees as a preventative measure.

Ortho is one of the best fire ant killing products and has been proven to have both short-term and long-term results.


  • Kills the fire ant queen and destroys the colony and mound
  • No need to water the product into the mound
  • Suitable for mounds, lawns, and plants
  • You can treat new mounds as they appear


  • Long-lasting formula (up to 6 months)
  • A fast-acting fire ant insecticide
  • No need to dilute the granules in water before use


  • Has to be poured directly onto the mount
  • Granules are highly toxic for others

Scotts Snap Pac Fire Ant Killer

Scott’s fire ant killer comes in a granule form and is spread over the lawn to prevent infestation of fire ants and other bugs.

Most effective when applied in either spring or summer to control infestations; otherwise, apply the Scotts granules at the first sign of fire ants.

The contents of the package can cover 2000 square feet of ground and is a good solid all-round bug killing product.


  • One application can kill fire ants for up to 4 months.
  • The product kills foraging fire ants.
  • Kills any queens that fly into the area.


  • It is long-lasting and effective.
  • Kills fire ants, other pests, and weeds.
  • Immediate results within 12 hours of application.


  • Need a Scotts ‘spreader’ to use the product.
  • May not be ideal for heavy fire ant infestations.

Martin’s Surrender Fire Ant Killer

Martin’s fire ant killer is a compelling product in a powder form that is shaken over the fire ant mound.

The active ingredient, acephate, is a highly potent insecticide that will kill a fire ant only within days.

Surrender fire ant killer is more suitable for outdoor mound treatment and is ideal to be used in residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

It can also be mixed with water to become a fire ant mound drencher.


  • Can be sprinkled on the fire ant mound directly.
  • It can also be mixed with water to become a drench.
  • Controls a wide variety of ants and other pests.
  • Can treat up to 108 fire ant mounds.
  • Fast-acting and effective formula.


  • Surrender is a potent insecticide.
  • Kills a wide variety of bugs and other pests.
  • The product has a long shelf life.


  • The smell of the product can be a little off-putting.
  • Dangerous around pets and children.

Advion Fire Ant Bait

Advion is well known for its pest-killing products, and their fire ant bait is no exception.

This fire ant bait combines an effective formula to be fast-acting and will ensure that the fire ant colony is destroyed within three days.

The Advion fire ant bait can be spread around the lawn or deposited directly on the fire ant mound; both are recommended.


  • Effective fast-acting and alluring formula.
  • 24-72 hour destruction of the fire ant colony.
  • Cab be used as a broadcast or mound treatment.
  • Effective against all life stages of fire ants.
  • Can be used in recreation areas as well as institutional and private areas.


  • Highly effective and proven formula.
  • Very fast-acting, 24 to 72 hours.
  • Kills a wide variety of unwanted pests.


  • Expensive compared to other similar products.
  • May require a spreader to cover the lawn.

Eliminating Fire Ants with Pest Control

The above-mentioned fire ant killers can surely get the work done for you; however, they may not be 100% effective in the face of a full-fledged infestation.

This is where a professional exterminator comes in the picture! They can not only get rid of the infestation skillfully for you but can also ensure that they do not make their way inside your home again.

In order to help you with this, we have curated a special form for you which will provide you with free quotes from multiple Pest Control Companies so that you can hire an exterminator which is economical and effective.

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Final Words

Having an infestation of any kind is unwanted.

Still, the dangers posed by a fire ant colony infestation cannot be underestimated, mainly if you have pets or children in the house.

Fire ants can be very aggressive, territorial and destructive, and will not hesitate to attack anything they consider a threat.

Once you have identified a possible fire ant mound, it is wise to take immediate action.

Hopefully, some of the information and products listed above will help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the ideal fire ant poison bait to combat your fire ant invasion.

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