Do Foxes Eat Cats? | More Information on What Foxes Eat

“It is a stupid goose that listens to the fox preach”

An old French proverb that hints towards the cunningness of a fox.
do foxes eat cats

From children’s stories to old proverbs, foxes are infamously known to be cunning predators.

But what do foxes eat? And more importantly, do they eat cats?

If you are a cat guardian, you will relate to the paranoia of a fox attacking your cat if let out at night.

Sharing an urban space with predatory animals can be a matter of concern, especially if you are a parent to a domestic animal that can come across as defenseless as you in the face of the wild.

So let’s find out how safe are our cats around foxes.

Do Foxes Eat Cats?

While sharing urban spaces, it has been found that cats and foxes usually ignore each other.

Other cats or animals pose a much more significant threat to domestic cats than foxes; however, keeping in mind the wild nature of a fox, it would be foolish to rule out the possibility of a fox attacking a cat.

It’s only wise to be realistic about such scenarios.

Foxes usually don’t eat cats; however, a senior cat that is weaker could be prey to a fox.

A fox cannot quickly kill a cat that can defend itself.

do foxes eat cats

Territorial fighting between neighboring cats could be the reason behind most cat injuries.

In most cases, cats chase foxes away.

During ‘cub season,’ it’s only natural for a vixen to take on anyone or anything to protect their younger ones, but can you blame them?

Cats are infamous for their notorious curiosity, after all, and the concern is only well-founded

Are Foxes A Threat To Domestic Cats?

A fox is a predator, yes, but it is highly unlikely for a fox to kill or be a threat to a cat.

A fox’s natural tendency is to flee rather than fight; when faced with sharp claws and a cat’s pawing, a fox usually runs away.

A well-grown cat is as big as a fox and is pretty well at self-defense; however, small cats or kittens are at risk of being at risk.

do fox eat cats

What Does A Fox Eat?

Fox is an opportunist animal; foxes will eat any animal that comes easily.

Foxes are omnivorous by nature; the list of what a fox eats is never-ending.

The food habit of a fox has a wide range; they are massively adaptable and their food habit changes according to the seasonable availability.

fox eats rabbits

From scavenging on roadkill to eating small animals like rabbits to rodents to birds or even reptiles, a fox can eat anything and everything.

However, according to different seasons, the food preferences do change.

In summers, they eat lots of insects, while in winters, their food preferences change to mammals.

Final Words

A mangy fox is definitely a threat to a human or a pet as it roams mostly irritated and unafraid.

A fox usually does not attack so quickly because they are shy in nature.

They are only dangerous when they are rabid and it is best not to approach a fox or to play with it.

And although they are not known to attack and kill cats, it is still suggestible that you don’t let your house pet rendezvous with a ravenous fox of the wild.

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