Do Gophers Have Tails? | {Is It Really True?}

These seemingly cute and furry critters can be a threat to the aesthetics of your lawn.

Gophers go by the name pocket gophers because they have cheek pouches that help them carry food around from one place to another. Gophers are rodents that belong to the family Geomydae.

Most gophers live up to 3 years max but sometimes, the lifespan of gophers in the genus Geomys, have been documented up to seven years. These little pests are often prey to predators like weasels, snakes, and hawks.

Gophers are shy creatures. They don’t usually stray far from their burrows. They keep a distance from humans or any other animals. It’s a rare sight to be seen of a gopher emerging out of its burrow.  Gophers have sharp claws and these are usually used for their extensive tunneling activities.

Do Gophers Have Tails?

A gopher can weigh up to 0.5 lb and could be up to 6-8 inches in size. However, a few species could weigh up to 2.2 lb. The most common doubt is around the uncertain existence of a gopher’s tail. A gopher does have a tail. The tail is thick with a very thin, unnoticeable line of hair. The color of the tail is close to the color of the soil.

What Does A Gopher Look Like?

The first step towards removal of a pest is the identification of the pest. It’s very important to know what you are dealing with in order to treat the situation right. A common garden pocket gopher looks like a usual rodent. Larger in size than the normal mice, slightly smaller than a rat. The Gophers have small ears, short limbs and loose skin with a pouch that extended to their ears.

Gopher Menace

Gopher menace is as annoying as any other rodent menace. The Gophers as they dig their tunnels through the ground, leave behind mounds of soil on the surface of the land. The possible damage a gopher can create is to lawns, orchards, and gardens when they go tunneling in search of food. And since gophers do not hibernate, they can devote most of their time to this very pursuit. It is recorded that a single gopher can excavate up to 800 feet of tunnels beneath one acre of land. Gophers construct these complex tunnels underground with the purpose of spending most of their time in those tunnels.

Gophers feed on crops, shrubs, and vines. Often irrigation lines are damaged by gophers. They also damage sprinkler systems as they gnaw on the plastic of the tube. Gopher tunnels cause soil erosion. Their ugly holes can be a blot on the pristine yards of the properties. Gophers can dig away tunnels under acres of land in a short span of time. The damage that one single gopher can manage to do is unimaginable.

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Final Words

Gophers can terrorize the peace and beauty of a garden. These pests together can cause extensive damage to the properties. They can wreak havoc on your favorite garden vegetables. Some of the vegetables that a gopher eat are carrots, sweet potato, peas, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc. The removal of these pests single-handedly is not possible. To seek the help of professionals is the only wise decision when dealing with gophers. To intercept the burrowing, one can use gravel in their lawns. Also using underground devices to produce noise is another effective way to keep gophers at bay.

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