How Much Does Flea Exterminator Cost? | Flea Extermination & More

Fleas are a prevalent household pest that can create a huge nuisance if not dealt with on time.

It’s essential to get rid of these bugs while it’s still possible because once you enter the infestation stage, eliminating fleas could be a difficult task.

This is where an exterminator comes into the picture- because they not only get rid of fleas but also ensure that they don’t come back.

But, when we talk about them, the first question that comes to anyone’s mind is- How much do flea exterminator cost?

Well, let’s find out, along with some more useful information that will help you make the right decision for you and your family.

How Much Does Flea Exterminator Cost?

How much flea exterminator cost

This can be a tricky question to answer. 

But, it can basically cost you around about $75-$100 for the first visit.

As one visit of the exterminator might not be enough, you can opt for the second one.

The price will be decided according to the person’s requirements.

You can hence opt for the best package according to your requirements.

Why Should You Hire Flea Exterminator?

An exterminator can be a great help in getting rid of the fleas for a longer period of time.

They can be really beneficial in providing you and your family a healthy and flea-free environment for an extended period.

Below listed are some of the major reasons why you should hire a flea exterminator

Trained Professionals

A qualified professional will have a much better knowledge of how to deal with flea infestation.

So, hiring a trained professional will make you less worried and provide you with better results.


Professionals have a proper approach to the problems. So, they know all the preventive and safe methods.

Recognizing the Pests

As a trained person, they will easily be able to recognize the pests and find practical and more reliable solutions.

This will, in turn, will save time for both- you and the exterminator.

Accurate Location of the Source of the Problem

Since they are trained professionals, they will easily be able to locate the source and root of the problem and provide proper and timely solutions.

flea exterminator cost

Easy Removal

As they will be able to get the root of the problem, it will provide them with easy and efficient removal with assured results.

Usage of Fewer Chemical Products

Since they’ll be able to perfectly recognize the problem, it will allow them to use fewer chemical solutions and products.  

Benefits of Hiring Flea Exterminator

Why you should hire exterminator

Hiring an expert for the problems can be a perfect solution for all the problems. The various benefits of hiring a professional are:

Less Wastage of Money & Time

Hiring an exterminator will also save you a lot of money and time in the long run because these professionals know how to deal with these pesky bugs effectively, thus eliminating them quickly for a longer period.

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Fewer Chances of Illness & Infections

These professionals are trained to handle such sensitive situations with utmost safety, thus maintaining a healthy environment and reducing the chances of illness and infections for both you and your family.

flea exterminator cost

Proper & Quicker Results

If an experienced person handles the entire examination skillfully, it will undoubtedly provide you with a proper and swift result.

Lasts Longer

Exterminators usually use professional-grade products with long-lasting results, thus allowing your house to be flea-free for an extended period of time.

How to Get Rid of Fleas by DIY Methods

If you only happen to have a few fleas in your house and don’t see the need to hire an exterminator for the same, then you can also adopt a couple of DIY methods to get rid of these bugs.

Some of the effective DIY solutions to eliminate fleas are:

Dish Soap

This remedy requires you to trap the fleas by using some water and dish soap.

You can easily make the mixture of warm water and dish soap and can place it in the rooms on the spotted areas.

They will act as glue and will trap the fleas; you can repeat this method to get rid of them effectively.

Baking Soda

Vacuuming can be a great option that can be chosen to avoid fleas.

If baking soda is used along, it will provide you with the best solutions.

baking soda for fleas

For this, you will need to pour the baking soda, take a hard brush and then rub it in the fabric.

After this, you need to vacuum your home.


This method is similar to baking soda and can be used in order to get rid of the fleas.

Lemon Spray

One of the most effective home remedies is making a lemon spray and using it to repel and eliminate the fleas from your house.

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DIY flea exterminator

This lemon solution needs to be sprayed in the infected areas regularly and continually to ensure that the fleas stay away for an extended period.

Diatomaceous Earth

This fine powder is a great alternative to eliminate fleas from home.

All you have to do is sprinkle this in infected areas which will suffocate and dehydrate fleas, thus killing them.

However, please make sure that you are wearing a face mask while using diatomaceous earth.

Flea Repelling Plants

There are various plants whose smell and oils can get rid of the fleas, namely:

plants for flea extermination

Eliminating Fleas with Pest Control

Now that we’ve discussed the estimates of a flea exterminator and other alternatives to eliminating these pests, let’s further dive into some accurate costs of hiring a professional pest control for your flea infestation.

To help you with this, we have curated a specific form that will give you free quotes from multiple Pest Control Companies so that you can hire a professional who is worth your money, time, and effort.

Please fill the below-mentioned form for quick and free quotes from your local exterminators.

Final Words

Now that you know some alternative methods along with the average cost of a flea exterminator, I hope it’s easier for you to choose one option in case you ever face a similar situation.

In the end, the goal is the successful elimination of fleas- irrespective of whether you do it through a home remedy or with the help of a professional.

However, if you are facing a heavy flea infestation, skip the DIY methods and go straight to an exterminator because they are trained to handle such extreme situations skillfully.

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We hope this article helps you to make the right decision which is cost-effective, efficient with long-lasting results.

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