How to Get Rid of Locust Bugs in Home & Yard

Locusts can be said as the short-horned grasshoppers which belong to the family Acrididae. They can easily change their behavior from Solitary to Gregarious in the required circumstances.

They can easily change their behavior and adjust to the economy.

But, they can also become an inhabitant and can cause various irritations.

Do you know how to get rid of locust? Some of the ways to get rid of the locust are:

How to Get Rid of Locusts in Home

Garlic Spray

home remedies to get rid of locusts

The smell of the garlic can easily irritate the grasshoppers and no allow them to settle down. It is hence said that the odor won’t allow the insect to settle down.

But, to remove the locust, you need to make a garlic paste

First, let’s discuss the things you require in order to make the garlic paste.

  • Blended garlic(2 Bulbs)
  • 10 cups of water

After getting them together,

  • Mix them
  • Heat the mixture until it starts boiling
  • Let the mixture stay overnight.

This is one way of making the garlic spray at your home in order to get rid of the locust. You can also buy readymade mixture if you don’t want to prepare it at home. There are many ready-made solutions on the market for the same.

Now, to use the spray, Take and fill a spray bottle with one part garlic solution and three water part.

Once the spray is ready, spray them on the leaves and the affected plants.

You should also be sure enough to spray the solution alongside and the underside of the leaves as well.


How to Kill Locust Bugs

You can dust the leaves with flour. The flour will cause the insect to starve after they insects feed on them. It will hence create glue-like substance in the mouth which will help in gumming up their mouth.

You should always be careful while using the flour. You should use and get some ordinary all-purpose flour. It is recommended not to use any other types of flour as they may contain substances like salt.

Sprinkle a layer of the flour on in the affected plants. Also, make sure that the plant is fully covered with flour and no insect can get through the flour and infect the leave.

Natural Predators

Natural Predators can be a long-term solution in order to attract the predators which will naturally feed on the insect and might not cost any hard work.

There are several types of birds which like to feed on the grasshoppers. To attract them into your garden, you can set up feeder or birdbath in the area.

Once they are attracted towards the garden, they can easily prey on the locusts.

This will hence be a beneficial and long-lasting method which can be used. Also, you don’t have to work really hard to get this method to work.

You can also introduce various other insects which can easily feed on the locust and are environment-friendly.

These both methods can easily be done and can also help you have a locust free garden for a longer period of time.

Long Grass Trap

You can easily set up the long grass trap. The locusts prefer an area which has long grass.

You can have a patch area where you grow uncut grass in an isolated garden.

You can easily grow long grass and trap them.

This will also be easy for you to catch the locusts which are roaming in the field.

You can easily grow long grass traps and attract the locusts. This will also help you in making them stay away from the important parts of the garden and the field. It will hence provide you with a great relief for the important places.

Chickens or Guinea Fowls

You can raise your own chickens or Guinea Fowls. It should be noted that this method might not work for every person. But, they can be a great threat to the locusts and the other common pests present in the garden.

There are also many other Natural Predators which you can raise and feed at your home.

Boric Acid

Boric acid can be used in order to get rid of the locusts in the garden. It is a really strong agent which can help you in eradicating the locust.

You can easily spray the acid in the affected areas.

But, make sure to use some glove in order to spray the plant as it can cause irritation.

Make sure to keep the treated plants from out of the reach of the children and the pets present at home.

This will hence affect them in a really bad manner and can cause severe irritations.

You should also be really careful while spraying this acid over the plant.

Make sure to wash the hands with soap after a sprinkling of this acid.


One of the best and the most important method which should be used alongside all the methods is cleanliness.

You should clean your garden and the field every day in order to not allow the locust to easily settle down in the field.

You should be really careful while cleaning the field and clean it with due care and responsibility.

Cleanliness will be the best factor according to which you can easily get rid of the pests without any trouble.

Alongside this method, you can use various remedies in order to get rid of the locust present in your garden.

But, if there’s a serious infestation problem, it is strictly recommended that you should hire an exterminator for the same.

He will help you in properly controlling the infestation problem of the locusts.

He will also help you in providing the best methods which will save your time and money.

But, you should note that you should not allow the locusts to build their home in the garden.

After extermination, you should follow various remedies which will additionally help you in getting rid of the locust.

But, cleanliness should be maintained and done every single day, this won’t allow the insect to easily settle down.

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Final Words

In the above article, it is discussed how to get rid of the locust which is present in the field.

Various remedies are discussed which can easily provide you with the best and desired results.

But, it should be noted that Cleanliness is one of the most important methods which should be maintained for every remedy to work.

Cleanliness is the most important part and won’t allow this insect to easily settle down in the field.

So, you should maintain a proper and healthy routine of cleaning the garden.

But, if there’s a serious infestation problem, it is strictly recommended to hire an exterminator.

He will not only save the cost and time of the person but will also help in finding long-term solutions in order to get rid of the locust present.

After that, you can apply various remedies in order to further maintain the garden to be locust free.

Hence, it can be concluded that locusts can be a dangerous pest and can easily infect your areas. So, you should take proper remedies and hire an exterminator if the infestation grows.

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