Does Lemon Juice Kill Fleas? {Myth or Reality}

Fleas are blood-sucking insects. They not only are a threat to you but, they are also a big threat to the pets.

They can be a big problem. They won’t only disturb you every time, but, will also spread illness around you. It’s really important to repel and kill them before they act dangerous and make someone ill.

There can be various ways of repelling and killing the fleas. Some of the methods can be really effective and efficient to kill them. But, on the other hand, some methods can only help you repel them or have no absolute effect.

Let’s find out that whether lemon juice will be effective or will have no absolute effect in killing the fleas.

Does Lemon Juice Kill Fleas?

Does lemon juice kill fleas & eggs

Lemon juice is not anywhere a chemical product and might be effective in repelling and killing the fleas.

You can try this method in order to get rid of the fleas. The fragrance might help in repelling the fleas.

But, it should be noted that there is no absolute and real result which shows that lemon juice is an effective method.

Though, you can use and try this method in order to repel and kill the fleas. But, you should also note that different people have different experiences when they tried to kill the fleas through this method.

This is an extremely safe product which can be used. There is no irritation and danger while using this product against the fleas.

Though, the results of this product vary from person to person. But, you should note that this product may or may not help you in order to provide you with the best and effective results.

But, it can be checked as it won’t have any bad effect on pets or the children around.

You can make a natural repellent from lemon juice. One of the methods by which you can make a spray is discussed as follows

How to Make Flea Repelling Spray

It should be hence noted that the spray might not kill the fleas. But, it can act as a great repellent.

One of the methods to make this repellent is

  1. Take One or two fresh lemon
  2. Now, add the lemon quarters to water(Quarter)
  3. Boil them for approximately 5 minutes
  4. After boiling, steep the lemons in water for approximate of 8 hours or overnight.
  5. Now, pour the mixture into spray bottles.

After pouring the mixture into Spray bottles, you can easily spray it on the various spotted areas.

You can keep the solution refrigerated and use it for up to a week.

The smell of the lemon will help you in repelling the fleas. But, still won’t help you get permanently rid of the fleas.

There are different methods which can be used in order to repel the fleas in your house or in the methods.

Some of the other non-toxic methods are discussed as below

Non-Toxic Methods to Repel Fleas

killing fleas with lemon juice

Dish Soap and water

For this method, you should make a mixture of soap and water. This mixture can be placed in the spotted areas. This will act as glue and will trap the fleas.

This can easily act as an effective method without any side effect. But, make sure to keep it out of reach of the children and pets.

This method can be repeated until the fleas get out.

Baking Soda

Vacuuming the house can be a good option which you can choose.

Baking Soda should be rubbed with a hard rush in the fabric. Make sure to vacuum the house after this.


This method can be used similarly like the baking soda method. This is also one of the non-toxic methods which can be used in order to get rid of the fleas.

Flea Repelling Plants

You can also grow various plants. The smell and oil of the plants will help you in getting rid of the fleas around.

The plants which can be planted in order to avoid the fleas are

  • Spearmint
  • Penny Royal
  • Lavender

These are some of the non-toxic methods which can be used in order to repel the fleas.

If you have a serious infestation, you should hire an exterminator to get rid of the fleas for a longer period of time.

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Final Words

Lemon juice is a non-toxic method which can be used in order to repel the fleas.

It can also not be said surely that Lemon Juice will really be beneficial or not in killing.

But, it can be tried for sure as this will not cause any harm to the family members and won’t cost you much.

There are other non-toxic methods to repel the fleas which are also discussed above.

This can hence be concluded that Lemon Juice can be a great repellent in some cases. But, it should be noted that the Lemon Juice might not be a really good killer.

You should hire an exterminator in case of serious infestation problems.

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