Possum Poop Images: What Does Possum Droppings Look Like

Poop talk! Not a very polite topic to discuss but a pretty necessary one. We are discussing possum droppings today. Wild animals, just like us animals, eat, sleep and most importantly shit. If you have been seeing poo like that of dog’s of late everywhere, you might be graced with the presence of a possum in your yard or your house!

What does possum poop look like?

To co-exist with a possum means to live with a mess not necessary even being aware of it. A possum leaves behind a mess wherever it goes. Possum poop looks like that of your pet dog’s poop, a medium-sized dog, maybe. And, it often smells the same.

Identification of possum poop

A possum usually excretes in the same place where it has been feeding. There is usually piles of poo just lying around and it won’t be difficult to tell that it’s possum poop. In most cases, the poop can be found in places, where a dog cannot usually enter. So, before you blame your poor dog, investigate the spot of the crime with utmost attention.

Possum poop is mostly brown in color. It’s shaped curly because the animal bends while it excretes. It smells almost like a dog poo and also the closest poop to possum’s poo is that of a skunk. However, a skunk only enters your house to give birth and when a skunk enters our house, you usually know. So, it’s not that difficult to identify possum poop after all.

Difference between possum poop and rat poop

So, now that you have been pretty sure that the poop is not that of your dog’s, you might be wondering if it could be of any other animal. The most common question while identifying a possum poop pops if it could be rat droppings. Like I always keep mentioning the first step towards dealing with a pest is by the identification of it. The best way to identify possum poop is by looking at the shape of the pellets. Even though similar in size, rat pellets tend to differ from possum poop as the pellets are more pointed towards the end and possum pellets are not so tapered. A rat infestation is even worse than a possum infestation. Rat droppings pose more health risk as rats are the carriers of many diseases. And not just that but also the chewing causes a greater nuisance by causing damage to your valuables.

Is possum poop dangerous?

Possum poop surely is dangerous. Just inhaling a possum’s poop can pose a serious health risk. Inhaling a possum’s poop can make the fungal spores get into a person’s lungs and cardiovascular system and cause diseases like Taxosplasmosis. Leptospirosis, Coccidiosis, Equine ProtozoalMyoleoncephalitis.

While Toxoplasma gondii parasite passes on the infection Taxosplasmosis. People can also get it if eaten undercooked meat that is contaminated or from animal feces and from mother to child during pregnancy. The symptoms can be similar to flu which can include headache, fever, flu, body ache, etc. A person with a compromised immune system is more prone to experiencing complications from the disease.

On the other hand, in case of coccidiosis, a person if stepped on the feces of a possum, the bacteria can get into the bloodstream and make the person ill. It can affect infants the most and the symptoms include fever, weight loss, abdominal cramps, headaches, constipation, etc.

Leptospirosis can be really fatal to humans. It can lead to liver and kidney failure and also meningitis.

Equine ProtozoalMyoleoncephalitis or EPM is a disease that affects horses when they eat feed that has been contaminated with possum excreta. It is a neurological disease and symptoms include abnormal gait, muscle atrophy, paralysis of the face, difficulty, swallowing, stiff movements, lameness. The parasite can stay in the soil even after cleaning for up to a year.

How to clean possum poop?

You have to be extremely careful while dealing with possum poop. The feces can be potentially fatal to people and pets. Simply eradicating the critter is not enough, you also have to remove the soiled insulation and any other item that could be infected. The poop should be very carefully removed with gloves worn hands because it’s very important that the poop does not break and drop on the ground because if that happens there is a chance of the particles getting into the air.
It is important for the poop to be picked and kept carefully in a double bag. Once the waste has been carried out and dumped away, it is absolutely essential for the place to be cleaned with a disinfectant that is strong or an enzyme cleaner. It is best to use a fogging machine to reach the hard to reach spots.

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Final words

Co-existing with wild animals is not easy. There are many problems we as humans face while cohabiting with other animals in the same space. Killing other animals to make our own life liveable is not an option because every being has an equal right to live and take advantage of this wonderful world. The only remedy is to keep finding alternative solutions to keep them at bay and to make sure we don’t intrude their space so much that it becomes scarce for them to find any place to nest away.

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