Wasp Fogger: Best Bug Bomb for Wasps, Hornets & Yellow Jackets

Bug bombs are very popular when it comes to dealing with a pest infestation inside your house.

They’re cheap, effective, and easy to use.

By using two to three foggers at a time in your house, you can get rid of pests.

We know that they work well on fleas, ticks, and other bugs. But, what about wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets?

Do bug bombs work on wasps and their siblings?

Here, in this article, I’ll try to answer each and every question that comes to your mind related to wasp bomb and foggers.

So, let’s get started.

Do Bug Bombs Kill Wasps, Hornets, and Yellow Jackets?

Yes, bug bombs and foggers kill wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets.

The foggers that you purchase from online stores contain an insecticide that is made for killing various kinds of pests in our house.

The foggers are effective in killing wasps, but how long it takes to kill them will depend on the ingredients present in the insecticide and also on the brand.

Wasp Bomb for Attic

Does Wasp Fogger be an Effective Solution?

Yes, we know that it can kill wasps.

But, is it an effective solution when it comes to dealing with wasps in your house?

It can be used as an effective solution if the wasp or hornet or yellow jackets nest is present inside any room.

If the nest is in the open place like on the tree, then you can still use the fogger but, it’ll not be very effective.

In the next section, I’ve shared how you can use the wasp fogger effectively.

Should You Hire an Exterminator?

If you can afford an exterminator, then definitely you should hire one.

But, how much do wasp exterminators cost for your house?

Is it 80$, 200$ or 1000$?

Here, you can find out the exact price for your house.

So, before implementing any DIY methods, consulting an exterminator is a good choice.

If you can’t afford them, only then move to the DIY methods.

Maybe, as per level of infestation, hiring an exterminator can be a better option for you.

There is an exterminator search tool that can be helpful to you.

In that, you just have to fill in your details and some specifics about your wasp problem.

I am not saying you should hire an expensive pest control service, but I highly recommend consulting with them and find out the price.

If you can afford them, then why not hire them.

So, you can get free quotes from licensed & trusted local exterminators using the Exterminator Search Tool.

How to Use Wasp Bomb Effectively

When it comes to killing wasps and hornets using bug bombs, then you’ve to consider a few cases.

These foggers are designed to spread the insecticide in the aerosol form around the room.

If you have a wasp nest inside your house, basement, attic, storage room, or in any closed room, then the wasp bomb will be very effective.

You just have to start a wasp fogger in the room and close the room so that these wasps can’t fly out of the reach of the fogger.

If there is a wasp or hornet nest in one room, and you start the wasp & hornet fogger in the room and left the places of escape, then what will happen?

As soon as they suspect any insecticide, they’ll try to leave the place. If they find any exist, they’ll save themselves.

So, whenever you use a wasp & hornet bomb, close all the exits after starting a fogger otherwise, these flying insects will escape.

If there is a wasp nest in the outdoors, then wasp fogger will not be effective because this fogger disperses insecticide slowly in the air. And, in the open place, the insects have a lot of places to hide and fly away from the insecticide.

So, I do not recommend using a yellow jacket fogger in an open area. Instead of that, using a spray can be a more effective solution.

And, I highly recommend using the Exterminator Search Tool to find the exact cost for a wasp removal service.

Important Note

Whether you’re using a wasp spray or a bug bomb to kill these flying insects, make sure to use it when it’s dark. Preferably, in the early morning is the best time for that.

In the early morning, you’ll find all the wasps in the nest, and if you use the fogger or spray correctly, then you’ll be able to destroy their whole nest along with each and every member.

While if you try to kill them in the afternoon, then you may kill a few of them, but the remaining wasps will still be your problem.

Final Words

So, if you have a wasp infestation inside your house or any room which can be closed properly after starting a wasp bug bomb, then use it.

In that case, the bug bomb will kill all the wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets present in your house.

And, don’t forget to use your desired method in the early morning when they’re all present in the nest.

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