Do Stink Bugs Eat Bed Bugs? | What Else Stink Bugs Eat?

The Stink bugs are members of the insect order Hemiptera and the family Pentatomidae. These insects are large, oval or can be shield-shaped. What do they eat? Do stink bugs eat bed bugs?

They get the name from the odor of the chemical which they produce in the glands on the abdomen. The Scientists suspect that this odor can be a defense against the predators.

The adult of these species can reach about 2cm in length. Their bodies are as wide as they are long. The adult stink bugs can also fly well. They keep the wings folded over the backs when they land. Their long legs thus extend from the sides of their body.

Many species of these bugs feeds on plants and can be serious pests of the crops. They also eat some of the bugs from the farm.

But, what do they eat in the house, let’s find out

What do stink bugs eat in the house?

what stink bugs eat in the house

It might surprise you that the stink bugs don’t typically eat anything when they enter your home. These households’ pests only invade the homes for warmth. They enter homes in the late summer or fall.

It can get into the home through various cracks or holes in the screens.

They will remain hidden through the winter and will only become active in the spring. As the bugs move around to find an exit, they often can come out into the living space of the home. These bugs cluster on the walls or can also cluster inside of the windows.

They can also enter through the cracks around doors and windows. They can be sealed with caulking. The gaps under exterior doors can also be sealed with weather stripping.

The homeowners can prevent these invasions by making a proper inspection of their homes and by sealing the cracks and openings. Vents in the attic and in the crawl space are normally used in order to enter, so, these should regularly be checked. The missing or torn screens in the house should be properly repaired.

Some of the things which might or might not be eaten are further discussed. Let’s get to know about the food which a stink bugs eat.

Do stink bugs eat spiders?

Stink bugs do not eat spiders

No, Stink bugs don’t feed on spiders for food. Though, the spiders can easily feed on the Stink bugs. So, it can be said that the Stink bugs can be eaten by the spiders instead, but, they Stink bugs don’t feed on the deadly spiders.

Do stink bugs eat ladybugs?

can stink bugs eat lady bugs

The ladybugs are not eaten by birds. However, several insects may commonly kill lady beetles and can feed on them for their food. Similarly, stink bugs can also eat the ladybugs in order to fulfill their food requirements.

Do stink bugs eat plants?

They are commonly known as “plant feeders”. This means that the bugs will attack plants for food. These bugs normally use their mouth to force and get in the skin of the plant. Then they suck the juice out of them.

The adult stink bugs mostly spend their winter under the stones or various places. They also hide in the ditches and can also hide along the fence line during winters.

When spring arrives, these bugs thus become active. They come out of the hiding places and will feed on any plants that they find. The emerging stink bugs will feed on the weeds and the thistles.

In these locations, stink bugs can attack a huge array of plants that are available. They normally feed on the ornamental plants and flowers. They will attack fruits which include apples, peaches, and berries. They will also attack the garden produce such as beans, green peppers, and tomatoes.

Stink bugs won’t really attack in large numbers. But, if their population grows, it can cause a serious and huge damage to the crops in the garden.

Many gardeners have managed this problem by managing the environment in which they develop. They remove as many boards, boxes and clutter as possible from their property. They often will trim the weeds and the grass around the property and will remove any piles of clippings. They even will trim the weeds in ditches and along fences.

Do stink bugs eat clothes?

No, they won’t feed on and eat clothes. They normally don’t get attracted to the fabric of the cloth and will hence not feed on them. So, it can be said that the stink bugs don’t depend on the cloth for food and won’t eat clothes.

Do Stink bugs eat Bed Bugs?

No, Stink bugs don’t feed on bed bugs. But, some of the species also eat velvet bean, caterpillars, root weevils, Colorado beetles and southern green stink bugs. So, it can be concluded that Stink bugs don’t eat and feed on the bed bugs in order to fulfill their food requirements.

Do Stink bugs eat Wood?

No, Stink bugs don’t eat wood. They feed on stems, but, they don’t eat wood. So, it can be said that the Stink bugs won’t like wood as a food option to eat, but, will definitely feed on the stem in order to fulfill their food requirements.

Do Stink bugs eat Tomatoes?

does stink bug eat tomato

Most of the stink bugs are plant eaters. The stink bugs are likely to eat tomatoes.

The severity of this leaf-footed bug damage to tomatoes will depend on the size of the tomatoes when this bug attacks.

When these bugs feed on tiny new tomatoes, the tomatoes won’t mature and develop. You may find that the little and the underdeveloped tomato will drop off the vine.

Similarly, when they feed on the medium-sized tomatoes, they will cause scar and depressions. When the bug will feed on large, nearly mature fruit, it will cause minimal damage and the fruit is more often easy and good to eat. Though, you may notice discoloration.

After penetrating on the tomato plants, the insect will suck the juice out. If they encounter seeds, they will inject their digestive enzymes in order to dissolve them.

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Final Words

The Stink bugs are members of the insect order Hemiptera and the family Pentatomidae and can be oval, large or shield-shaped.

The stink bugs won’t really bite the human and will solely depend on the plant for its food.

These bugs feed on the various plants and some of the species also feed on the various insects present in the field.

These bugs feed on apples, peaches, berries, peppers, beans and various other plants. They can also feed on the field crops like sorghum and cotton. They have also been found to feed on the ornamental plants.

They use their mouth to dig into the skin of the fruit. They also will inject a small amount of the saliva into the fruit. The saliva is toxic to the cells of the fruits and will hence make it damaged.

A few species don’t feed on the plants. They are predators of the insects that attack plants.

So, it can be said that the bugs eat the plants and some of the species might eat various insects.

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